and so it begins...

Basically I'm going to show my wares (and the wares of a few others) here. I like doing SL photography. I like being in SL photography and I prefer an erotic look. I'm going to do some pictorials and thanks to some killer ideas I think they're going to be good ones.

Do not operate heavy machinery while reading this blog. Your mileage may vary.

Assorted Pics

Krystall Pearl... a true gem.

I don't "feel" tardy.... SL pic on 3D background, shadows & reflections.

Who's that guy think he is?

Such a Sinful bitch.
Bella in Silks
Bella in B&W
Bad girls get a time out.


Harem Girl

Kimberly's Corset

Sex on legs

"Let it go, baby..."

It's "that" look.


The glorious Veronica Milasevic

Couldn't find a shirt.


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